10 Essential Behaviors Every Dog Owner Should Teach Their Pup

As a responsible dog owner in Chicago, it’s crucial to teach your furry friend essential behaviors to ensure their safety and your peace of mind. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 cues that every dog owner should teach their pup for effective communication and obedience! All of these cues are addressed and taught in Zippy Pet Care dog training sessions near you!

  1. Sit: The sit cue is a fundamental behavior that provides control in various situations. Zippy Pet Care training programs teach your dog to sit automatically and on command, helping them stay calm and well-mannered in public spaces around our favorite Chicago neighborhoods.
  2. Stay: A solid stay cue is essential for your pup’s safety! Be confident in your ability to prevent them from running into busy streets or potentially hazardous situations, or to wait in place for you until you return.
  3. Recall: If you have the goal of allowing your pup to enjoy off-leash freedom, keep them safe by having a reliable recall cue. This is especially important when exploring Chicago parks and beaches, but also if your walking equipment fails, or they slip out of a gate.
  4. Down: The down cue helps manage your dog’s behavior, especially when they’re overly excited. Learn effective techniques to train your pup to lie down and stay calm in various situations.
  5. Leave It: Preventing your dog from picking up harmful objects or consuming dangerous substances is vital!
  6. Drop It: If your dog has a habit of grabbing items they shouldn’t, training a solid drop-it cue can prevent accidents and save your belongings (and your wallet at the vet!).
  7. “Let’s Go!”: Walking politely on a leash is essential for both your dog’s safety and the joy of a peaceful walk. Zippy Pet Care’s 2-Week Walk ‘N’ Train Bootcamp gives you and your pup the skills and knowledge to take on Chicago’s busy streets.
  8. Wait: Training your dog to wait at doorways, street crossings, or when getting out of the car keeps them safe! Unlike “stay,” you remain near your dog
  9. Off: If your dog tends to jump on people or furniture, the off cue can help curb this behavior. Zippy Pet Care Training teaches your pup to keep their paws on the ground, ensuring a more pleasant and controlled interaction.
  10. Touch: Dogs are naturally inclined to target what we point at or gesture to. Take advantage of this natural behavior to target your dog to your hands.

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