Hey 👋🏾 I’m Sydney and this is Zip.

I am a certified dog obedience trainer with over eight years of professional and volunteer animal care experience. I started Zippy Pet Care in 2016 because I wanted to walk with Zip and provide care to dogs in my neighborhood of Edgewater & Andersonville.

When the world stopped in 2020, Zippy Pet Care’s daily walking route unfortunately did too as the world worked from home. Like many other small business owners, I scrambled to pivot and find other work to supplement life during the roughest pandemic months. This spring, I thought I won big when I started a full-time work-from-home desk job. Even though I was home all day with Zip, I was constantly glued to my computer and found it difficult to get away from the needs of the job. I didn’t get the extra time for Zip (and other things) that I was hoping for. As a result, Zip wasn’t getting the exercise or regular enrichment that he needed!

While Covid-19 has turned many of us to stay-at-home workers, our dogs aren’t always the primary benefactors. Sometimes working from home means leaving the house less day-to-day; or making time for non dog-friendly appointments and gatherings. A daily walker provides a healthy routine of exercise, socialization, and stimulation for your pup.

Zippy Pet Care proudly services Chicago’s north side neighborhoods for over six years.

Service areas include:
Edgewater/Andersonville (60660), Ravenswood (60640), Lincoln Square (60625), Lakeview/Roscoe Village (60613), Avondale/Irving Park (60618), and Lincolnwood (60712).

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