Do you have a minimum bookings/week requirement?

Nope! Go ahead and schedule and cancel as your life changes. All cancellations must be submitted by 12am day of service.

Where do my keys go and why do you need two sets?

The safety of your home and pet is ZPC’s top priority. Between uses, keys are stored in a secure office at the ZPC headquarters. If you’d prefer to provide a lockbox for the ZPC team to access your key at or near your home, you can update your Zippy Pet Care profile with location and code information.

ZPC keeps an additional copy for the master set of keys in case of any emergencies.

Is ZPC a pack walk service?

Not in the city, no. The safety of your pet and home are our top priorities, and it’s our opinion that pack walking is not the safest option in our city neighborhoods. ALL of our walks are solo with just the pups of your home. Zip joins Sydney on walks with permission.

When and how do I pay?

All invoices for a block of services are due by the first day of services. You will receive your invoice via your chosen method of payment at the latest 24 hours before your services begin.

How will I know my pet was visited?

Each ZPC visits includes an email journal update sent to you in real time. This update includes a note on our start/end times, potty habits, food/water provided, and other notes/tasks in the home. Please allow up to 40 minutes after the end of your visit window to receive your update.

I didn’t receive my journal update! Is Buddy ok?

Oh no! We apologize in advance if your journal entry doesn’t reach you by 40 minutes after your time-block. If this happens, rest assured that if he’s on the schedule, Buddy was visited. Please check your spam folder first to make sure it didn’t end up there (it happens!). If you still do not see it, please email so your sitter can get you an update ASAP!

What if I’m working from home? Will you still walk my dog?

ZPC is here to take care of your pet when you are unable. We have several clients in the pack that work from home and just can’t sneak away to give Stella the 30 minutes she deserves. We come and go quietly so Stella can still get her zoomies out and you can finish that call!

What is your weather policy?

Regarding rain/snow: if your dog walks, we walk. Some pups don’t care about precipitation and some give us one extremely long pee and turn us right back around. We cater to all attitudes and love to fill would-be walking time with lots of play and snuggles.

Extreme heat/cold: ZPC Walkers will cut walks short outside the range of 30-85 degrees. ZPC sitters are trained to use their judgement and we reserve the right to cut a walk short for any reason regarding health and safety.

When’s the latest I can request a last-minute walk?

All day-of requests are subject to availability, but if we can fit you in, there is no additional fee.

I have a cat who doesn’t enjoy humans.

No problem! We will stay the full 30 minutes unless stated otherwise. We understand sometimes anti-social cats may still enjoy the company of someone in another room. If your kit prefers we dip in and dip out, that is certainly ok too, but we will never leave early without explicit permission.

My pet and I love Zippy Pet Care! How can I give you a review?

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