Meet Zip

January of 2016, I spontaneously brought home a PAWS pup named Zippuli. Picked up as a stray, it was clear this guy didn’t trust people very easily.

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He had some defensive aggression towards people, but the more the trust between us grew, the more he became himself. Now, Zip is the sweetest pup around and loves getting to know new people and dogs. If you live in the Edgewater/Andersonville neighborhoods, you may have been greeted by Zip on a walk once or twice!

Some of Zip’s favorites are:

  • Treats
  • His toyszip&dad.jpg
  • A good game of chase
  • Cool afternoons
  • Hollywood Beach
  • Mangos, strawberries, and apples
  • Other animals (especially dogs)
  • Kind people

I wanted to include Zip in this business because I want to work with my best friend!

I truly believe in the pack walk! But that’s not always a safe and feasible option in the city. By limiting our walks to four dogs maximum, under experienced supervision, the dogs still reap the social, mental, and physical benefits that come from this bond! Zip would love to meet you and your dog(s)! Contact us about our Walks with Zip!