Meet Our Team!

Sydney Fontaine|Owner & Pet Obsessed

If I were a dog I’d be a: chihuahua. I’d die for the little ones. I also think I’m taller than I am and can get a little yappy in my excitement.

Years of pet care experience: I’ve had pets and volunteered with shelters all of my life, but professionally, 5.

My pets: Zip and Penelope, ZPC’s COO and CFO respectively

What I love about the north side: Every day feels like I’m living in a little beach town somewhere, even though it’s still technically the city of Chicago. If it weren’t for the constant sirens you could almost forget that’s where you are.

ZPC Professional Sitters


Years of pet care experience: I’ve been dealing with all types of pets practically my whole life. Growing up we’ve had dogs, cats, birds, a rooster, ferrets, fish, turtles, you name it!

My pets: I currently have 7 puppies. They’re all chihuahuas and some are mixed with Jack Russell Terrier. I have 5 boys and 2 girls. Tiny, Max, Mini, Jr, and Bebe are the boys. Frida and Princess are the baby girls. They’re my entire life!

My favorite Chi season: It would definitely be summer. I love enjoying the beautiful nature with my puppies. We take advantage of the long days and spend lots of time out in our backyard playing fetch. It’s always nice to wake up and know it’ll be amazing outside.

If you were an animal you’d be: I would absolutely love to be a dog. Dogs are so amazing hence why I love working with them more than people! They’re super smart and they give you such unconditional love. What’s that saying? A dog is a man’s best friend? More like anyone’s best friend! 


Pet care experience: I have a combined 15 years of pet care experience in fostering dogs and cats, dog walking and pet sitting.  I am also currently back in school to become a vet tech.

My Pets:
MIDGE- 3 or 4 year old “foster fail” pit bull type
AGNES- approx 20 year old tortie type reformed alley cat
LUCILLE- 35+ year old adopted Russian Blue Tortoise

If I were an animal I’d most likely be: a cat because although domesticated, I am super independent and free thinking, but also can be very reserved and sometimes misunderstood. However, I’d love to be more like a pit bull because to quote the great Sir Patrick Stewart they are “the sweetest, most empathetic, most sensitive creatures that I’ve ever known”. 

What do you love about the North Side?: I am a born and raised Chicagoan.  Although I’ve spent the last 19 years living in West Town, I grew up mainly on the north side and near north suburbs.   Working in the area again has been really neat because it brings me back to my childhood.



Years of pet care experience: I have 5+ years of experience taking care of pets.

My favorite Chicago season: My favorite season is summer cause I love the outdoors and love going for long walks.

My Pets: At the moment I don’t have any pets because I have small kids and I want to make sure they will be kind. Soon once they are older we will add someone special. My last pets were Guinea pigs.

Why I love the North side: I love how the North side has several varieties of restaurants.
I love the park because I love seeing my kids play and love we have beaches also even though I don’t love sand.