Meet Our Team!

Sydney Fontaine|Owner & Walker

Years of pet care experience: I’ve had pets and volunteered with shelters all of my life, but professionally, 5.

If I were a dog I’d be a: chihuahua. I’d die for the little ones. I also think I’m taller than I am and can get kind of yappy in my excitement.

Funniest walking moment: One time a pup I was walking was sniffing in some bushes ad pulled out a whole rotisserie chicken. Like the kind you get in the box at Jewel. I felt bad to make him drop it- what a find!

My pets: Zip and Penelope, ZPC’s COO and CFO respectively

What I love about the north side: Every day feels like I’m living in a little beach town somewhere, even though it’s still technically the city of Chicago. If it weren’t for the constant sirens you could almost forget that’s where you are.


Aidan Starr|Walker